A Family Practice Tradition

The father of Dr Löckermann was Family Medicine Consultant and established our practice in 1964. The Practice is located in Kranichstein since 1975. In 1975 he joined the father's practice and has been leading it since 2008 together with Mrs Löckermann. We continue to develop our community practice in Kranichstein to meet the requirements of the future.


General Information


Our practice offers a mixed walk-in and booked appointment service. We aim to reduce the waiting time. Of course, patients with an acute illness (fever, severe pain, breathlessness or injuries) are treated promptly. If you have such a condition, please inform the reception, in order to receive immediate medical care.Working people can have an evening consultation on Thursdays until 19:00 o'clock. We also offer evening appointments for Analytic Psychotherapy.
Please attend your appointment on time. If you cannot attend, please cancel your appointment in advance.

Telephone Consultations

It is possible to have a telephone consultation between 11:00 – 11:15 and 17:30 – 18:00 with the exception of Wednesdays and Fridays. A member of staff in non-urgent cases will make a note of your phone number. We will call you back.


Home Visits

If you are housebound or too ill to get out of bed, we visit you at home. If you need a visit, please inform us when possible up to 10:00 am.
In acute urgent situations, you can reach us during the day on 713222 or 713703.
We do regular home visits in nursing homes and to those who have severe chronic diseases.

Prescriptions, Referrals and Sick leave

Repeat prescriptions and referrals can be requested by fax or email. If you need a referral to one of the specialists, please consult one of our doctors. This would ensure that we get a detailed letter about your health. We are not allowed to issue a sick leave for any previous day.

Reaching us Outside Office Hours

For a life threatening emergency such as stroke or chest pain, please dial the emergency number 112.

In urgent cases, you can reach us from Monday to Friday in the morning between 07:00 - 08:00 and in the afternoon between12:00 – 14:00 under the following phone numbers: 713222 or 713703. Our voicemail gives you information of the mobile number you can call and the person you can reach. In urgent cases on Wednesdays from 14:00, on Fridays from 17:00 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, please ring the out-of-hours service on 116117. It is located at Grafenstrasse 9, ground floor of the Gynaecology Clinic on the clinic premises in Darmstadt.

Our practice remains open during school holidays.

Insurance Health Card

The health insurance card must be available according to legal regulations before the start of treatment.

Please show the staff at the reception your health insurance card and if available your exemption card.

Quality Management

Our practice has been participating in quality management since 2005. This reduces any risk and improves the medical care of patients. The standard of care in our practice has regularly been evaluated and we achieved repeatedly the international seal of approval from the European Practice Assessment in Family Medicine.

Access and Location

  • The entire practice is fully suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Bicycle stand is available.
  • Street parking spaces are usually available at Pfannmüllerweg or at Kranichsteiner Strasse before the pedestrian underground passage.
  • The practice is within easy walking distance from Siemensstrasse (Tram 5) or Kesselhutweg (Bus H or U).

Community Practice Kranichstein

Community Practice Kranichstein
Dr. med. Horst Löckermann
Jana Löckermann

Family Medicine Consultants
Nutritional Medicine

Eleonore Hansen (angest. Ärztin)
Fachäztin für Allgemeinmedizin

Telephone: 06151 71322


Academic, Teaching and Research Practice of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt

Our Community Practice is recognised as an academic, teaching and research practice. In our Practice, you will have the opportunity to consult our partners, employed family physicians or Family Medicine Registrar. Family Medicine Registrar is a qualified doctor who is training to become a family physician.Akademische Lehrpraxis der Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main