Consultation Times and Appointments

Our practice offers a mixed walk-in and booked appointment service. We aim to reduce the waiting time. Working people can have an evening consultation on Thursdays until 19:00 o’clock. We also offer evening appointments for Analytic Psychotherapy.
Please attend your appointment on time. If you cannot attend, please cancel your appointment in advance.

Appointment Times

Monday 8-9 14-15 h
Tuesday 8-9 14-15 h
Wednesday 8-9 h
Thursday 8-9 14-15 h
Friday 8-9 14-15 h

Consultation Times without an Appointment

Monday 9-11 15-18 h
Tuesday 9-11 15-18 h
Wednesday 9-11 h
Thursday 9-11 15-19 h
Friday 9-12 15-17 h

Consultation with Dr Löckermann by Appointment during the Following Hours

Monday h
Tuesday 14-18 h
Wednesday h
Thursday 14-19 h
Friday 14-17 h